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My authenticity pledge

Working with brands and producing sponsored content has become a part of every content creator's life. This is my stance on remaining authentic whilst also recommending brands that I actually use...

My Instagram account, blog and book are avenues in which I share my personal and practical advice on living a zero waste and minimalist life. They are avenues in which I can be authentically me.

The main reason I started these outlets is because I believe in engaging in a conversation about environmentalism that isn't just about scary climate change statistics, but more about the changes we can make in our daily lives. I want to promote a movement of everyday activism.

This pledge has been written to show absolute transparency when it comes to brands I recommend, sponsored posts and the freebies that I get.

Firstly, integrity and authenticity are paramount

I started this blog because I wanted an avenue to share my thoughts, provide advice and voice my opinions. I believe integrity and authenticity the main reasons why my Instagram and blog have been so popular. I want my writing and photography to give you something that you value and not just add to the noise of the internet.

Secondly, my time is valuable.

We all lead busy lives, I am a full-time student of Medicine (M.D.), author, wife, sister, daughter and friend. I take all of those roles seriously and therefore, my time is the most precious resource I have. As a result, I have turned down so many sponsorships because I don't believe they are worthy of your time or my time. How I spend my time is a reflection of my values. That's why I am committing on spending time with people that matter, issues that I am passionate about and brands that align with my values.

Thirdly, I want to be of service.

The goods and services I recommend are ones that will make your life easier. They are always tested and I try to support businesses which have the same zero waste ethos. I do not promote brands that I don't believe in. Morals over money, always.

My thoughts on...

Sponsored posts

From time to time, I may collaborate with a like-minded brand. I don't often do sponsored posts, but when I do, it's because I want to produce high quality images and recommend products that will add value to your life. No junk ever.


I often donate my time to worthwhile causes, but I've taken a stance to no longer accept freebies in exchange for reviews or posts. As a minimalist and sustainably advocate, I actively say no to freebies to not waste mileage, postage or resources. That being said, I am always humbled and grateful when people consider my minimalist and zero waste ethos and suggest a product that adds value to my life.


I am not perfect

I do the best I can to research products, brands and companies to ensure that the product meets my high standards on being eco-friendly, zero waste and socially conscious. However, from time-to-time I may not get it right. Please be patient with me as I navigate my way through learning more about sustainability and being a conscious consumer. I always encourage supportive feedback rather than negative judgment. I am only human after all.

I hope this clarifies my position on brand sponsorship, my zero waste shop and any other consumer products I do recommend. My commitment to you is that I am always honest, pragmatic and most importantly, real.

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