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What is minimalism?

Yes, a term that seems stark and scary. But what does minimalism actually mean to you? Here is my definition...

Minimalism is similar to the the term 'zero waste' because they both seem so extreme. However, for both these movements I've interpreted them in my own way. My definition of minimalism is living a burden-free life, that's it.

'Burdens' can be defined in the superficial way, material objects, clutter, stuff, but there are also emotional and spiritual burdens we have to consider. Minimalism, to me, is living a lighter life, free of these burdens.

As an Aerospace Engineer, we learnt that added payload is not only inefficient, it is also costly and burdensome. I want you to embrace a minimalist life that is aerodynamic, free from excess baggage so that you can shoot towards the stars.

Minimalism is not about blank walls and stark interiors, it is about letting go of things that no longer serve you. This is my definition, I suggest you carve out your own to help you navigate through your own journey.

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