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Decluttering hacks - The 'no pile' rule

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

This is a series of decluttering hacks which are short, yet effective ways to get started on your minimalism journey.

I have a ‘no pile’ rule in the house, you know what I mean, chairs, tables and other surfaces which seem to be a magnet for clutter? My husband first instigated a 'no pile' rule, as every surface became a catch all for clothes and things without home. I am sure we all have these areas in our home which seem to be a magnet for clutter. It's time to implement a 'no pile' rule in your home.

We often have the misconception that we don’t have enough storage in our homes, the reality is that we have too much stuff! That's why these piles seem to grow and multiple. The stuff is overflowing and they don't have a home.

For you to be able to live a genuinely minimalist life, we need to tackle the pile, and ensure everything has a home. Let’s do a mini-cluttering session today!

Here the 3 simple steps to tackle the pile: 1. Try everything on in the pile 2. Be honest about whether or not it suits you and your lifestyle 3. Donate items which don’t suit your needs

Now return everything to their respective homes and keep those surfaces clear! It’s time to tackle the piles today!

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