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My 3 Step Waste System

Here is my easy 3 step waste system that I have in my home:

1. Bokashi bin for all my food scraps (I talk about this in my book, it ferments all vegetable, fruit and animal products) - I use this in Australia, in San Francisco we have compost kerb side collection 2. Recycling basket 3. Very small pedal bin for any rubbish - it is lined with newspaper for anything that does need to go to landfill (this bin only gets emptied very rarely because I produce so little trash) As you can see, it’s not hard to reduce your waste, you can use a compost system or worm farm to help reduce your ‘wet waste’ even further. Check out for local compost systems if you don’t have your own. Your bin can be lined with newspaper because all your ‘wet waste’ is taken care of and you’ll find most of your landfill items to be ‘dry waste’. For further information, I suggest you check out my book!

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