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Morals over money

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

Money is a tool, not a destination. Here is a reflection on my relationship with money.

I use to chase a life based on money. How much I earned was another status symbol. Living a minimalist and zero waste life has shown me that money is just a tool, not a destination. In making any important decision, I always align with my morals first. Everything good that has come into my life has come from authenticity and integrity rather than the pursuit of money.

I find that the more I strived for money, the more I felt burdened by the obligations that came with it. When I strived for authenticity and alignment with my core values, I found that money followed. There's a great book called 'Your money or your life' and it's about figuring out home much you really need to live. Living a minimalist life has allowed me to value money more, it has shown me how important it is to not waste it. But that's because now I know money = time and time = life, this simple equation makes me question, how much is my time worth? I adjust all my decisions towards the answer to this question.

Money is now a tool for my life, rather than the end destination. How has your attitude with money changed over the years? P.S. Almost everything in this photo is secondhand including lounge, cushions, clothing and jewellery.

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Jun 06, 2018
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