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Zero waste rhubarb mocktail/cordial/ cocktail mix

Zero waste cordial/cocktail/mocktail mix!

I love making a ‘syrup’ with leftover rhubarb. I received some rhubarb this week and when it started to go soft, I decided to make some rhubarb cordial/cocktail mix.

All you need is:

✅ 2-4 cups of rhubarb chopped into small pieces

✅ 1 cup of brown sugar

✅ 1 cup of water

✅ pinch of nutmeg

Put in a slow cooker and cook for 4-6 hours or in an Instant Pot in pressure cooker mode for 30 mins. Mix it thoroughly for a smoother texture and pour into a jar.

Add one teaspoon to some carbonated water (I use a glass Soda Stream to make carbonated water) and you can also add a dash of gin to make it a cocktail! A lovely zero food waste drink!

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