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3 ways to reduce your paper usage

1. Paper towels and napkins

Let’s talk paper towels and napkins, these single use items are used for 10 mins or less and then are usually thrown away into landfill. Millions of trees are cut down each year for these disposable items. I’ve created a napkin and tea towel drawer in my kitchen. I’ve collected secondhand napkins or sewed my own using upcycled fabric. I use them to wipe my mouth, wipe spills and to wrap vegetables to keep their moisture.

I use them and then wash them! Easy! Such an easy switch and I make it easy for all household members by dedicating a single drawer to it!

2. Tissues

Let’s talk about tissues. Every year millions of trees get cut down each year for disposable products such as tissues. If you are sick or have allergies why not make your own reusable handkerchief jar? You can sew your own or buy them secondhand. Also, making an individual jar for each person in the household ensures germs aren’t easily spread. Once you are done, just wash them and refill the jar! It’s a simple zero waste tissue box replacement!

3. Office supplies

Here is a list of easy switches you can make to reduce the waste in your office:

- buy notebooks made from recycled paper - make your own 'notebook' from scrap paper or backs of printing paper (I raid recycling bins and clip the paper onto clipboard) - buy ink refills for your pens rather than buying a new pen every time it runs out - choose secondhand stationary supplies (mug and cork board are all thrifted items) - reduce printing as much as possible!

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