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DIY Aloe Vera Mask

I love learning how plant products can be used for skincare. I used to the type of girl who bought everything from SK-II. Nowadays, I make my own beauty products! Let’s talk about my favourite aloe vera mask: 1. Cut off a thick piece of aloe vera (direct from the plant or you can buy a strip from the supermarket) 2. Slice the sides with a knife and then slice it in half with a butter knife. 3. Dig out the flesh with a spoon and mush up the pieces until it is a mask-like consistency. 4. Apply direct onto your face and wash off after 20 mins. This is a soothing mask that will help with scarring and hydration. If you do this for 7 days in a row I guarantee you’ll notice the difference. This mask is my alternative to expensive and plastic-laden sheet masks.

One aloe vera plant can give you endless skincare products!

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1 Comment

Nov 16, 2019

After cutting the aloe vera fresh, i would let the cut pieces 'stand' on paper tower leaning against the edges of a bowl, then leave it for say 30 minutes. This will drain some sticky brown stuff away. I saw an online video saying some people may be alergic to this sticky stuff so i prefer to drain even though i am not allergic to it.

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