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My Commuter Diaries with PUBLIC bikes

I have to be honest, I never enjoyed my daily commute. It’s always seems like just a means to an end, not a journey that would spark joy. However, after a week of riding with my new PUBLIC bike, I am thrilled to say that my commute around San Francisco is one that I now love! My new bike has totally transformed my life...

Here are six ways in which my PUBLIC bike has totally 'levelled up' my life:

1. Incidental exercise – riding my bike to work is a great work out, I get fresh air and exercise and it is a great form of active transport! Trust me, you’ll get buns of steel after climbing the hills of the San Francisco. The easiest way to make your commute easier is to get a multi-speed bike. My bike is the seven speed C7 PUBLIC bike!

2. Grocery shopping is a breeze – the detachable wire basket makes it a great shopping basket for all your goodies! The basket is such a handy tool that can fit all my grocery needs whilst also being functional, stylish and practical. It is perfect for the farmer's markets or going to the bulk store!

3. I am not longer a pack horse! – there’s no need to be pack-horse anymore and manually carry everything around. That’s the great thing about having a PUBLIC bike, you can fit everything you need for the weekend on the back of your bike without hurting your shoulders. The basket is roomy enough to fit all your needs!

4. I no longer have to worry about parking - I love riding my PUBLIC bike around the city and not have to search for parking. I usually just park straight outside where I need to be or find a local bike rack to park my bike. Just don’t forget to get yourself a sturdy lock!

5. The bike is super stylish - I love that I can wear dresses, blazers and coats with my step through PUBLIC bike. This step-through frame means that I don’t have to compromise my style for functionality – I can have both! I can look stylish, wear what I want and get to work still looking fresh. Also, the bike is based on Dutch design and looks super stylish! It suits my work and weekend aesthetic!

6. It's a great form of zero waste transport - Besides walking, biking has the lowest environmental impact for any means of transport. I love knowing that I am living a more eco-friendly life, without compromising on efficiency or style.

My PUBLIC bike has transformed my life, I no longer have to worry about parking my car, carrying heavy loads or commuting to work! It’s made my daily commute around the city much more enjoyable and less stressful! I can't believe I ever lived without one.

For more details on my bike and the accessories I chose, please visit my blog post here.

To transform your daily commute, why don’t you check out a PUBLIC bike today and see how easy and fun it is!

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