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My zero waste cleaning products

My motto for most things in life is keep it simple! Minimalism and zero waste living means I have streamlined my cleaning routine and the products I use...

Here are the two products I use for all my household cleaning Dr Bronner's castile soap and white vinegar - that's it!

Dr Bronner's castile soap

One product, multiple uses! I don't have time to use a different product for each different surface in the house. This little miracle product saves space, money and time! I use castile soap for virtually everything.

Here are three simple solution recipes (dilute with water) for everyday cleaning: - 1:10 dishwashing liquid - 1:5 hand wash - 1:10 all purpose spray

I’ve had this gallon jug for over 2 years and it only cost $35. There are literally hundreds of other recipes. I will refill the container once this has been used up at my local bulk store. Not only does castile soap save money, it is also gentle on the environment. No nasty chemicals entering our waterways and saves countless plastic bottles!

White vinegar

I find that castile soap or white vinegar and water (50:50) pretty much cleans everything in the home.

I am not particularly discerning about which product I use, generally I just grab whatever spray bottle is within reach. White vinegar solution can be used for light cleaning and for the bathroom I generally use castile soap. Sometimes if I am feeling particularly fancy I add some essential oils to the vinegar cleaning solution.

Here is my copper cleaning caddy ($4 from the thrift store) 1. Natural sponge used for cleaning dishes (can be composted) 2. Metal sponge for harder stains 3. Cotton cloths for everything else 4. Glass spray bottle with 50:50 white vinegar and water No harmful chemicals, gentle for your skin and saves money! What’s not to love?

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2 Yorum

06 Haz 2018

10 Mar 2018

Hi Anita! It's so great to have your recipes for cleaning in one place I can easily search, on the blog rather than all my Instagram bookmarks! I just bought some cloudy ammonia to wash the tile and lino floors in our home but was wondering what you use, being frugal, enviro-friendly and minimalist (my three criteria :-) ) Thanks!

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