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My zero waste make-up routine

Finding plastic-free make-up is almost next to impossible, however, Elate Cosmetics provides a a chic, toxin-free, cruelty-free make-up collection that doesn't break the bank. Here is my thoughts on these products...

The easiest way to review these products is to run you through my make-up routine, this is my daily make-up routine and takes less than 15 minutes. I am a minimalist by nature and need a 'no-fuss' make-up routine to suit my busy schedule. I am sure we are all the same - we are all busy women, but we also want to look good.

Step 1:

After moisturising, I apply the Elate Fresh Tint foundation in Bare. It was silky soft and the pump glass packaging makes it convenient for a mess-free application. The key ingredients include argan and coconut oil which make it super nourishing for the skin.

Coverage: Light-medium coverage

Colour: Adapts seamlessly, suits my skin tone which is normally Beige-Medium.

Staying Power: Good for 6-8 hours with my oily skin.

Step 2:

For days I want a heavier coverage, I apply the Elate Full Tint foundation in Beige. I also use this product as a concealer for any spots. You can also apply with a foundation brush for a full coverage. Product comes in a glass jar and is very convenient for travel!

Coverage: Medium coverage with fingers

Colour: Thick texture, suits my skin tone which is normally Beige-Medium.

Staying Power: Good for 6 hours with my oily skin.

Step 3:

I powder my T-zone with Elate cosmetics Veiled Elation Mattify powder. This was a lovely find, it kept my T-zone shine-free all day, most importantly, it is a mineral powder that doesn't clog my pores!

Colour: Translucent - blended well with my skin tone.

Staying Power: Excellent - this kept me shine-free all day.

Step 4:

Eyebrows frame my eyes and face and I don't go a day without using my brow balm. I use the Elate Cosmetics bamboo eyebrow brush and the brow balm in raven. The product comes in a bamboo container and is definitely something I'll be repurchasing in the future!

Colour: Dark black, suits perfectly my Asian eyebrows.

Staying Power: Excellent - this stayed put all day.

Step 5:

Mascara! The bane of my existence, finding an eco-friendly, toxic-free, cruelty-free mascara that stays put all day has been near impossible to find. I need one that doesn't weep after a couple of hours, I usually wear waterproof mascara because normal mascaras just don't work for me. Luckily for me, I found the Elate Cosmetics Essentials mascara. The product comes in a bamboo container and it is another item I'll be repurchasing in the future!

Colour: Dark black, suits perfectly my Asian eyelashes.

Staying Power: Excellent - did not budge all day, miracle!

Step 6:

I apply a blush which I have had for years using the Elate cosmetics bamboo Multi-use brush! This brush is the bee's knees - super soft, totally vegan and I know I'll be using this for years to come.

Step 7:

Finally a dash of lipstick and I am good to go. I love lipstick, I basically don't change Steps 1-6 and haven't since I was sixteen, but lipstick is something that I do change to brighten up my outfit! I haven't been able to find an eco-branded lipstick until now. The Elate Vibrant bamboo lipstick in Grace. It was super sexy and whenever I pulled it out my bag, I felt so eco-chic!

Colour: 1920's noir red, a bit darker with a hint of maroon.

Staying Power: Good - a soft tinge was present even after lunch! It gave me a soft, just-kissed look!

And that's it - 7 quicks steps with 7 amazing products, I couldn't be more pleased with these eco-friendly make-up products! Now, I am off to take these milk bottles back to the supermarket for recycling!

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