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Three ways to jazz up your water

One jar, three ways! It’s so important to keep hydrated, here are three ways to make your water more interesting! I thrifted these wide mouth jars and I love using them for refreshing drinks.

🍋 Add a few slices of lemon for a simple twist to your water

🥒 Make yourself a green smoothie - this is my basic recipe: 1. 1/2 banana 2. Handful of spinach leaves 3. Handful of celery 4. Water and coconut milk I sometimes add different veggies, more fruit or some superfoods such as chia seeds

🍉 Add a few pieces of watermelon with water and blend in high speed blender This is such a refreshing alternative to soft drinks in plastic bottles. I often make a batch and store these jars in the fridge, ready to go!

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