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Zero Waste Nappies (Diapers) - The Set Up

The key is to be prepared but don’t aim for perfection.

This my simple reusable nappy set-up to help with a zero waste and minimalist nappy routine: 1️⃣ Buy appropriately sized all-in-one reusable nappies. I’ve chosen these newborn ones from @thirstiesinc to try. Be prepared to buy different brands for comparison. I’ve also got @bambinomio for when Bub is bigger. You can buy them secondhand or just buy a couple to test out before investing in more. 2️⃣ Buy a $30 bidet attachment for your toilet - this allows you to rinse off the nappy before you put it into the nappy bucket. This little hack is a lifesaver and saves a lot of time! 3️⃣ Have a nappy bucket ready for the dirty nappies. Then put it directly in the washing machine. It really doesn’t take much effort - did you know it takes 500 years for one nappy to decompose?! Cloth nappies have also shown to be better for the baby’s skin!

Instead of having a large changing table I’ve set up a simple changing basket and bench.

Here I have: 1️⃣ secondhand bench with faux fur and a washable changing mat (I bought 6 of these for ease of cleaning) 2️⃣ secondhand basket with bamboo baby wipes (you can make these with flannel, I bought these from Etsy) 3️⃣ baby bum spray (old spray bottle with water, a teaspoon of jojoba oil and a couple drops of lavender essential oils) Also not pictured, is a ‘dirty bucket’ where I’ll put the wipes and dirty nappies for cleaning. I’ll do a definitive guide once the Bub is born - for now, I am just aiming to be prepared but I know the journey won’t be perfect.

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