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Zero waste travel - 3 step skincare regime

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Simplify your beauty regime. Here is what I use when travelling. Let’s be honest, no one has time for a 10 step beauty regime, especially when travelling, we all lead busy lives and don’t need to lather our skin with unnecessary chemicals.

That’s why when I travel, I stick to just 3 products for my face: 1. Dr Bronner's bar soap - to remove make-up 2. DIY Miracle cleansing oil - as a second deep clean to ensure all make-up is removed 3. Sahajan skincare Radiance serum - super nourishing and my face just drinks this up!

I don’t promote products that I don’t use, this Sahajan face serum has been such a great find. Full of natural ingredients, it’s been super nourishing for my skin that I don’t even need a moisturiser after I apply this serum. Why don’t you simplify your skincare today? Ask yourself what are your absolute essentials and just stick to products you love.

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