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Zero waste travel - bringing your own food on the plane

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Travelling can produce a lot of waste. An easy way to reduce your waste is to bring your own food for the plane.

This is a zero waste travel guide for a short flight. I have also written about an extensive zero waste travel guide.

My husband and I went to Los Angeles for the long weekend. I haven’t been there for almost a decade. I am embracing zero waste travel by bringing my own snacks and tea for the short flight.

Highwave Inc. has created a great product that allows you put loose leaf tea in their Teamo

vacuum container. I don’t drink coffee but love tea, so this was perfect for the trip. I have loose leaf tea in the empty container and I ask the cabin crew to fill with hot water when I am on the plane.

I always bring a glass container which I fill with snacks such as apples, nuts and celery sticks. For longer flights I bring a salad.

Notes for bringing your own food when travelling:

  • For long flights, email the airline beforehand to let them know you're bringing your own food so they don't have to cater to you.

  • Refuse the tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks that are packaged in plastic. Bring your own KeepCup or reusable coffee cup if you do want a drink and ask the cabin crew to pour it directly into your cup. Remind them that you don't need straws, stirrers, or napkins.

  • Make sure all your drink containers are empty before you go through security as they will confiscate any liquids greater than 100 mLs.

  • Fill up your drink bottle when you get through security, there are usually bubblers or drinking fountains.

  • Glass containers are fine to go through security. I've never had a problem. However, I suggest you bring plastic or bamboo cutlery rather than stainless steel cutlery as this might not pass through security.

  • Bring napkins - they are handy for everything!

  • Keep your compost - you can compost your rubbish when you arrive.

Zero waste travel doesn’t have to be hard work, just a little bit of prep work and creativity goes a long way!

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