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Zero waste travel - food shopping

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Food is fuel, eat well, even when you travel. Here is a simple guide on what to eat and buy when travelling. This is a snapshot of my zero waste shopping haul from the local Mexican supermarket whilst I was travelling for a long weekend to Los Angeles. It just shows you zero waste shopping is easy and you can do it anywhere.

Here are some key tips on how to minimise your food waste even when travelling:

  1. Eat fresh produce - this is a simple rule for zero waste living. Choose produce that is package free. Always shop the outer aisles of a supermarket, go to the local grower's market or enjoy fresh produce stores. Just walk around the local neighbourhood and enjoy shopping in a new location.

  2. Eat what the locals eat - this is a great rule to ensure you eat locally and seasonally. When in doubt ask locals, do a google search or just browse the grocery store.

  3. Stay in an Airbnb or local housing with a kitchen - making your own food not only saves money but it also allows you to minimise your waste.

  4. Buy what you need - choose the smaller serving, buy just what you need to prevent food waste.

  5. Don't forget to compost - even when I travel I compost, check where you are staying has a compost bin or a compost collection service. My Airbnb in Los Angeles had a compost collection service, so all I had to do was collect my compost in a bowl. I also stored it in the fridge to prevent food spoilage smells and also to prevent flies.

  6. Research where you are staying - a little bit of prep goes a long way, do a quick google search to see what stores, restaurants are available to you.

When travelling I love to try out local eateries but it’s important for me to eat healthy too. A zero waste diet ensures I do so! When you buy package-free produce, you’re eating nutritious food for your body and also supporting the environment by going plastic-free!

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